Mission Statement

The mission of TCA is to pass on our faith to the next generation of students so that they may live a separated life unto the Lord and hold to the Biblical faith and Christian living. Also, to pass on to our students the knowledge and wisdom that they will need to function successfully in the modern world.

Philosophy Statement

TCA was created to assist families in preparing their children so that they will be sufficiently equipped to assume the mantle of leadership that they will soon inherit. Since the main responsibility of a parent is to ensure that his child is trained in such a way as to live a Godly and productive life, TCA desires to be a tool that parents can use to achieve this end.

Since the primary reason for the existence of the school is a spiritual ministry, evangelistic efforts are made to bring all students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so that the teaching of spiritual truths may have a firm foundation. This is followed by instruction in right thinking, good conduct, and clean living in the light of the principles of God’s Word.