K3/K4 -
Write your child’s name on everything
(1) Change of clothes
blunt end scissors (K4 only)
large book bag
(2) large folder with pockets
(2) boxes Kleenex tissues
(2) box of baby wipes
(2) box of crayons - 8 count
(1) pkg. glue sticks (K4 only)
(1) pk. #2 pencils (K4 only)
(1) plastic school box
(1) bottle of hand sanitizer
Plastic nap mat (after 11:00 AM)
* Small blanket/pillow (optional)
(2) coloring books

K5 -
Write your child’s name on everything
King James Bible
Book bag
(2) boxes of Crayons (8 count)
Metal pointed scissors
(1) pk. #2 pencils
**(2) box Kleenex tissues
Small plastic school box
(2) Folder with pockets
(1) coloring book
Hand sanitizer
(2) box of baby wipes
Plastic nap mat
small blanket/small pillow

First and Second Grade
King James Bible
Plastic school box
12” ruler (metric/English) flat (nonbendable)

(2) box of tissues
school scissors
(2) packs #2 yellow pencils only
(2) folders with pockets
colored pencils
(2) pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper
(No Spiral Notebooks)
**(1) box wipes
(1) pk. construction paper
NO erasers

Third/Fourth Grade
King James Bible
Student dictionary
Pencil box
(1) 11/2 inch binder
(5) folders with pockets
(1) box colored pencils
(5) tab dividers
(1) highlighter (any color)
(2) glue sticks
(1) bottle glue
(1) coloring or activity book
(1) English/metric ruler
(2) poster boards
(2) pk. College-ruled notebook paper
(No Spiral Notebooks)
(1) bottle hand sanitizer
**(2) boxes wipes
**(3) boxes tissues
(1) pk. graph paper
student planner

Fifth/Sixth Grade
King James Bible
(2) pk. college-ruled notebook paper
(1) red pen
(1) pk. highlighters
(2) pk. mechanical pencils only
(5) tab dividers
Pencil box
colored pencils
Pocket dictionary
(2) pocket folders
(1) 1 inch Three-ring binder
graph paper (math)
Compass (type used for measuring)
Ruler (w/ English/metric measurements)
**Clorox Wipes
**(2) pk. of dry erase markers

Seventh - Twelfth
King James Bible
Mechanical pencils
Black pens
Combination lock for locker
3 inch 3-ring binder (7-12)
subject dividers
(2) packs college-ruled Notebook paper
Scientific calculator (8-12)
Graph paper
(2) pocket folders for each subject
**(2) boxes tissues
**dry erase markers
**Clorox wipes
** Special projects may require additional
supplies- the teacher will request if needed**

** Cough drops, allergy medicine, eye
drops, etc. are not supplied by the school.
If your child needs these things, please
send them with your child**
** Other medical supplies are provided
on an emergency basis only. Items include
band aids, Tylenol, tums, antibiotic ointment,
and anti-itch cream**